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Monday, April 11, 2011

Paneer Manchurian

Paneer Manchurian

Ingredients for Marinating Paneer:

Paneer: 250 gms
Ginger Garlic Paste: 2 tbsp
Red chillies Paste: 3 tbsp
Soya Sauce: 2 tbsp
Tomato Sauce: 1 tbsp
Tomato: 2 
Vinegar: 2 tbsp 
Black pepper: 1/2 tsp
Salt: to taste:

Ingredients For Gravy:

Onions - 2 (slice lengthwise)
Green Capsicum: 1 (slice length wise)
Green chilly - 3 (sliced lengthwise)
Ginger & Garlic - Small piece.( Sliced into very small pieces)
Vinegar - 3 tsp
Cornflour - ½ tsp (mix it with water to make it paste
Soya Sauce - 1 tsp
Tomato Sauce: 1 tbsp
Cooking oil - For frying
Salt - To taste


  • Boil 1 cup of water in a pan and add 7 dry red chilies. Boil for 2 minutes and turn off the heat and cover the pan for 10 min. Drain and reserve chili water and make a paste of red chillies with tomato. Your Red Chilly Paste is Ready. 
  • Cut paneer into 1 inch cube.  
  • In a bowl take 2 tsp of vinegar,2 tsp of soya sauce, 1tsp of tomato ketchup,2 tsp of  Red chilly Paste, 2 tsp of ginger garlic paste, little salt to taste and black pepper powder . Mix well and add paneer cubes into it.  
  • Mix well and  marinate paneer in this for 15-20 minutes minutes

  • Make a batter of cornflour and water. Make sure the batter is neither too thin nor too thick.  
  • Heat enough oil in a kadhai for deep frying. Dip marinated paner pieces into cornflour paste and deep fries till it becomes golden brown.. Transfer into kitchen towel to absorb excess oil 

In a nonstick pan  add 2-3 oil, add onion and saute for 2 minutes. . One onion is half done and green capsicum and saute for 2 minutes.  
Now add ginger garlic paste and remaining red chilly paste we prepared. 
Add soya sauce 1 tbsp,vinegar,sugar and chilly water and reaminig corn flour paste. 
When mixture becomes thick add fried paneer .M ix well .Serve hot as stater or  add litter more water and u can serve it with fried rice.

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