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Thursday, February 24, 2011



This pea curry or NIMONA is fondly eaten in UP in the winter season. I have learnt this recipe from my bhabhi who recently visited me in Bangalore. In UP people call it Nimona
This is a favorite recipe of my family members and the best taste comes in winters when farm fresh peas are availableThis one turns out a spicy recipe and goes well with rice or chapatti a/c to ones preference. I like it to have ith with rice


Fresh Green Peas: 2 Cups

Potato: 1 (Cut into cubes)

Cauliflower: 1 cup (cut into Flores)

Ginger: 1”

Garlic: 8 Cloves

Green chilies: 31

Onion: 3 (Grind them into a paste)

Coriander Leaves: 1 cup (finely chopped)

Bay Leaves:1

Turmeric Powder: 1/2 tsp

Garam Masala Powder: 1tsp

Cumin Powder: 2 tsp

Coriander Powder:2 tsp

Red chilly Powder:1 tsp

Salt: to taste

Oil: for cooking

Oil: for deep frying Potato and cauliflower

How to Proceed

• Take the Peas and coarsely grind them in a grinder without water.

NOTE: Make sure that some of the peas are left whole. Keep the mixture aside.

• Make the paste of coriander leaves with little water and keep it aside.

• Make a paste of ginger, garlic and green chilies and keep it aside.

• Deep Fry Potato and cauliflower and keep it aside.

• In a small bowl add all the dry masala and little water to make it a smooth paste and keep it aside.

• Heat oil in a kadhai,put cumin seeds and bay Leaves and add ground peas paste.

• Fry this on a low heat for 8-10 minutes.

• When oil starts separating from beside add ginger Garlic green chilies paste, coriander leaves paste, onion paste, and salt and mix it well.

• Cook the mixture again for approx 5 minutes

• Add little water approx half cup.

• When the masala are done add all the dry masala paste and 1/ cup of water.

• When the masala are well done add 3 cups of water and mix well and bring it to boil.

• Once its start boiling simmer it and allow it simmer on low flame for 5-8 minutes.

• Adjust salt at this stage if required.

• Now add fried potatoes and caufliower and mix well and let it simmer on low heat for another 2 minutes.
• Take out it in a serving bowl and serve it with rice or chapati

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