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Monday, December 20, 2010

Red Apple Chutney

Red Apple Chutney


Red Apple: 1 
Sugar: 5 tbsp
Lemaon juice:5 tbsp
Cinnamon stick:2"
Cloves: 4 nos
Red Chilli powder:1 tsp
Salt: To Taste
Black Salt: A Pinch
Black Pepper Powder: A Pinch

1. Peeled the apple and cut them into small pieces.
2) Now Boil water in a pan and when water starts boiling add choppped apples sugar, lemon juice,Cloves and cinnamon and boil till apple is cooked and mixture is just moist.
3) Mix in red chilli powder,Black pepper,Black Salt and salt and cook for 2 more minutes till apple is mashy.
4) Remove cinnamon sticks and cloves.
5) You can serve this Chutney with any stuffed Parathas

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