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Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Wow!!!!!!!! I am really happy today. Coz i have no idea as after how many months I got to cook something special and I am really enjoying this moments as you all know I LOVE COOKING.

Today was a Birthday of special Person in my husband Life and thus he asked me to cook somehting new and different for the Dinner.

So I thought of Trying something new. I was not in mood to cook Typical Indian Varieties. So I plan to cook Pasta which is one of my favourit things which I can try anytime. Along with that I prepared GOBI 65. In that also i did a little bit of Italian touch. I also prepare Salsa dip along with Nacho chips.

Wow what a Start. We just had Salsa along with Nacho chips.

I will surely post the recipes for all the dishes which I have prepared today.

Got to go now.


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