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Monday, June 20, 2011

My 2nd Hobby :Reaing Novels & Books


Hello Friends,

These day I hardly get time to cook something new or interesting.So till the time I am ready to cook I Thought of writing about my 2nd hobbies.
Cooking is one of my favuriate hobbies. My 2nd Hobbies is Reading . Reading anything like Novels,Magazines,Fictions,or inspirsanational Book. I get time for reading easily, i read books on my way to office in Morning or while returning back to my sweet home.

So for me Reading Never Stops. I  have started reading once I Landed up in Bangalore 3 Years ago. Travelling from one place to another is quite hectic and in Bangalore the best mode of Transporation is BUS. So sitting idle in Bus looking outside dosent excite me much. So one of My Friend suggested me to Read books or Novels. After That time for me Reading never stops. and i am still Continuing it.

Hope you will like my Posts on Novels and Books. So the Link for my this blog is as under:

So you can enjoy reading reviews, about my thoughts and feelings from this blog.
HAPPY READING to all of you.

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