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Monday, September 28, 2009



Desiccated coconut: 200 gms

Milk: 2 cups

Khowa: ½ cup

Almond: 10

Cashewnut: 10

Ghee: 3 tsp

Raisins (Kismis): 1 tsp

Powdered Sugar: 5-6 tsp


• Grind Almonds, cashenuts and raisins to a fine powder

• In a kadhai heat ghee. Once ghee is done add desiccated Coconut Saute it for 1 minutes.

• Add Grinded dry fruits powder, Powdered sugar and sauté it the coconut changes its colour to slightly pink in color.

• Remove from fire and allow it cool by itself.

• In the same kadhai boil 2 cups of milk.When milk starts boiling add the coconut powder and mix well.

• Add khowa and mix well on fire for about 2 minutes.

• Remove from fire. Allow it to cool

• Shape into laddoos(small round balls).

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